Because we use all natural ingredients, this means our products have a more sediment-like quality. Our matcha is pure and finer than what is on the market, so the process to make it will be slightly different than what’s out there, but the taste is better, we guarantee it. If you are a coffee shop and want a quicker method of delivery, we recommend an electric whisk.


  1. 5g matcha in cup

  2. Add tiny amount of cold*water to bind it. My personal suggestion is to also add a tiny dab of raw honey to this.

  3. Whisk thoroughly until it bubbles

  4. Add milk

  5. Whisk the top lightly


  1. 6g turmeric directly into cup. Do not use hot water to bind. Much better to use electric whisk than regular whisk for quick delivery.

  2. Add 1/4 fill milk. Favorite variation is with Oatly milk and served cold. Use electric whisk.

  3. Fill rest of cup with milk/ice